Herald Secondary school

Value based education

Herald secondary school is a co-educational English medium school established at Dhapasi in 2047 B.S in the name of Science Laboratory School.

What We Offer

Own Intergrated LMS

We use our own LMS for online learing and online classes.

Good Discipline

We have a number of school rules of which children will be reminded of from time to time.

Certified Teachers

We have well certified teachers in each and every stream with enough experience

Classrooms & Library

Basundhara Complex has modern class buildings and a well-equipped library with diverse books.

Creative Lessons

Extensive use of Power Point for teaching learning.
Besides a modern library, use of e-library is also highly encouraged.

Sports Facilities

Provision of standard sports facilities such as Basketball, Badminton,Table Tennis, Football, Chess etc.


Hygenic Cafteria


Bus facilities inside valley.

About Our School

Herald secondary school is a co-educational English medium school established at Dhapasi in 2047 B.S in the name of Science Laboratory School. The location of school was changed to Maharajgunj Chakrapath in 2060, under the management of Herald Foundation. Our concept is value based education. We are a big umbrella for providing education as we run School level, Bachelors and Masters Programs in various streams. Our school building is newly built with earthquake resistance technique. Now we are on a new building of Basundhara Complex together with Herald College

Message from Principal

We welcome you to the Herald Secondary School and hope that you will enjoy going through our website, where you will find out more about how the school operates, its aims, its philosophy and how we intend to give your child the best education we can offer. We are fortunate in having a strong team of dedicated, supportive and committed staff. We operate an open door policy where you are encouraged to talk to me or our coordinators, concerning your child whenever you feel it is necessary. If you are a prospective parent, we would welcome the opportunity to show you round our school, where I am sure you will find a very friendly, caring and cooperative atmosphere. If your child is joining us, we extend a warm welcome and look forward to working with you and your child in a friendly and fruitful partnership.
We take pride in having a happy, hardworking, family atmosphere, supportive parents, and professional and experienced staff, with the highest expectations. Children are encouraged to treat others with respect and to value the skills and talents of all. Children learn to smile from their parents. Parents play a very valuable part in the life of the school and the success of the children. We aim to build on what parents have achieved at homes and to act as supportive parents to produce happy and successful children. After reading through this document and having visited the school, we trust that you will choose Herald Secondary School, for the future education & development of your child

Thank you and best wishes.

Message from Principal

Mission and Aim

Our Mission

Our purpose is to promote the full development of all pupils by providing a secure, professional and caring environment in which each of them are encouraged to reach his or her individual potential and is prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. At Herald School we see our mission as educating the whole child. We believe in the importance of developing the child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness as well as their academic abilities.

Our Aim

  • To enable all children to reach their individual potential in all aspects of the school’s curriculum, and in particular in acquiring effective skills in Literacy and Mathematics.
  • To develop a love for learning and a desire to continue to expand their knowledge and skills throughout their life.
  • To encourage the children to become responsible, independent people, who are confident, to help them make a positive contribution to the local community and to be aware of the wider issues of national and international events


Academic excellence with character and personality development is our ultimate motto. To inculcate discipline, sincerity, devotion and lay emphasis in both co-curricular and extra- curricular ac tivities is our goal. Learning at Herald is based on the fundamental principles of life; teaching the children lifelong skills encourage them to be courageous, confident, disciplined, responsible and loyal. The future will build on these firm foundations focusing on the quality of school life, especially for the benefit of our learners

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